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Fitzroy Office

The client’s main request was that glare on computer screens was reduced and the environment conducive to a functional workplace for the team. When coming up with options, we had to keep in mind the importance the aesthetics of a workplace have in terms of impacting productivity, health and overall creativity.

Being an open plan office space, the client requested that the floor to ceiling glass windows and steel features remained a highlight, therefore our approach was a strategy led design that saw form and function take priority.

Sunscreen roller blinds were installed between the existing steel frames and translucent roller blinds aimed to achieve a simple modernism. We sourced a unique grey fabric colour, which unified the environment and reflected the dynamic essence of the brand.

The Result:

We were able to significantly reduce the glare and create a warm and inviting environment, somewhere that was a “joy” to go each day and the entire team were extremely pleased with the result.


Fitzroy, Victoria

Room Type

Office Space


Sunscreen & Translucent Roller Blinds